Our mission is to empower women to fearlessly live the life of their dreams, and look fierce doing it!

Dear Sisters in Success, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!   Ladies one thing you must know is that it’s not our turn, it’s our time!  Our time to occupy leadership roles, our time to become the CEO of our own businesses, and our time to live a purposeful life!  But in order for shift to take place in your life, you will have to change some things.  In order to change your assets, you have to change your mindset! 

Lets face it, you are on this page because you need to make some changes, your life is out of wack, you are not where you would like to be, you lack direction, and/or you have some things you need to eliminate in your life.  I feel you!  I have been there.  I know you are probably wondering who is she.  My apologies, let me introduce myself.  I am Melody L. Hubbard-Robinson, a motivator, visionary, speaker, author, mentor, coach, networker, brand specialist, fashionista, entrepreneur, wife, daughter, sister, friend, survivor, warrior, I am fierce, fearless, free, I am YOU! 

There is a fierce, fearless, free woman in each of us! 

OH. . . but, I wasn't always the FIERCE and confident woman that you see today.  Giiiirrrrrllll, know this, I may have looked like I had it all together, but mentally, emotionally, I was in pieces.  

For years a struggled, I struggled a lot, because I felt like God forgot about me.  Yes, I was doing well in my career, but I wanted more.  I had no idea what my God given gift was.  I felt like God didn’t give me a talent. I started to pray.  I prayed HARD day after day.  "God reveal to me what I'm supposed to be doing. What is my gift? I know I am here for a reason."  God spoke to me clearer than ever before and said "I gave you the gift of speech. . .the gift of words. Your words are going to touch people and call them to action. Your words are going to help women walk into their purpose." I always knew I could speak, but it wasn't until that moment I viewed it as a talent.  Once, I figured out my gift, I went hard in my purpose.  Once I got my “ish” together on the inside, I began to transform into the FIERCE and fashionable, slayed, face beat, “got my ish together,” woman that I am today. 

I vowed to help other women just like me do a total make over: from the inside out.  

The time is now to prepare your fields for the REIGN!  “One secret to success is to be ready for your opportunity when it comes.” 

Always stay READY, so you wont have to get READY!

Fierce Fearless Free is going to water and nurture your spirit, and ultimately prepare you for the harvest.  So sit back, buckle up and hold on to your seats; WE ARE HEADED STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!