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Idea to implementation

$197 (6 wk Course):

Gain clarity in your purpose. Identify your ideal client.  Create a social media branding and marketing profile.  WERK with Mrs. Fierce to get all of your purpose questions answered along the way.  Melody becomes your partner in crime!  Your Beyonce to Solonge.  Your Lucy to Ethel, Your. . . you get the point!

  • Gain clarity on your brand idea

  • Create a memorable brand personality

  • Learn apps, tools, and systems to build your brand

  • Learn product creation tools

  • Discover the perfect paying client

  • Intense strategy call, weekly email coaching, AND SO MUCH MORE!

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$75 1:1 tutorial

Sis. . . it's time to slay your branding!  Get rid of the fuzzy pics with terrible filters!  Yes, you are just starting your brand, but your branding should still look professional, eye catching, and of course FIERCE.  If you are struggling to create amazing graphics,  no need to fear sis. . .I'm here to help.  This tutorial will help you create:

  • Your brand personality

  • Branded, FIERCE graphics

  • Digital downloads for your mailing list

  • Beautiful worksheets & workbooks

  • Content for your website

I will also share with you my favorite apps to create amazing posts in seconds.  

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Pick my brain Strategy session


Sis, this is an intense strategy session! Whether it’s Q&A, brainstorming, goal creation, time management, and/or creating an action plan, Melody can help you. Let Mrs. Fierce answer all of your questions.

  • Gain clarity in your purpose

  • Create SMART goals

  • Develop a 30 day action plan

  • Conquer your fear

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60-90-120 Day Customized Coaching

Schedule your discovery call for a quote!

There are levels to coaching! This is for the FIERCE women that is truly ready to walk in purpose. Melody Fierce creates a customized weekly action plan for you. She werks with you every step of the way and you have access to her as questions arise.